We are expanding the technical potential of the company

We are expanding the technical potential of the company

Due to the growing number of M-VECTOR research projects in Uzbekistan, we have purchased a new batch of tablets for the office in Tashkent. Each tablet is equipped with a special program that assists the employee in the interview process. The received data is instantly sent to the central office for analysis.

Using the TAPI (Tablet-Assisted Personal Interview - "personal interview with a tablet") method, M-VECTOR specialists conduct more than 50,000 interviews annually.

Why you should choose the method of collecting data through surveys on tablets (TAPI):

  • Face-to-face communication, when the interviewer sees the respondent directly, increases the reliability of the collected data.
  • The ability to quickly download data from the program even in the process of data collection
  • No digitization of questionnaires is required after the completion of fieldwork
  • Shortening the duration of the interview, because the interviewer no longer needs to monitor the transitions between the questionnaire questions, which, in turn, will save time and eliminate errors.
  • Minimization of input errors - the program will not allow you to enter a code that does not logically fit, will not allow you to leave a question unanswered, or choose more options than necessary;
  • Enhanced control – the ability to track the location of the interviewer, and his route of movement thanks to the possibility of geolocation of the tablet.

So, TAPI is an effective and modern method of collecting data in the field.

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