Solutions for business


Solutions for business

Intuitive decisions can fail, reliable facts and analysis of data - no. 

By turning to professional consultants, you save the financial and time resources of the company, since keeping consultants on the payroll is more expensive.

Your company may encounter the following problems:

  • Decrease in sales
  • The outflow of customers, decrease in the loyalty of regular customers
  • Incorrect/inaccurate view of the target audience
  • Increased competition
  • Problems with launching new products/services
  • Lack of information about the market, difficulties with entering new markets
  • Low efficiency of marketing communications
  • Lack of effective pricing policy
  • Lack of a consistent marketing strategy and business plan

Lack of awareness of the internal processes taking place in the company (how employees communicate with customers in the absence of leadership, whether their professional skills correspond to their positions, whether employees are satisfied with work in the company, etc.).

Research: the basis for making strong management decisions.

You will receive up-to-date and reliable information for planning and evaluation of the company’s activities.

Market research is a starting point for solving problems:

  • Analysis of the competitive environment
  • Image of existing brands
  • Testing of advertising campaigns
  • Assessment of loyalty, behavior, attitudes, and customer satisfaction
  • Study of price elasticity
  • Study of existing and new markets
  • Study of new markets, products
  • Evaluation of customer service and performance of employees.