Solutions for international organizations


Solutions for international organizations

M-Vector has long-time experience of cooperation with international organizations and development agencies in Central Asia in socio-economic research projects and programs aimed at improving the efficiency of state institutions. We specialize in studies of different areas of country development and social life:

  • Public opinion surveys 
  • Study of social moods, economic situation, access of the population to resources
  • Attitude of society and specific socio-demographic groups to socio-economic, political processes, individuals, organizations, countries
  • M&E - project monitoring and evaluation 
  • KAP survey - identification of knowledge, attitudes, and practices
  • Study of socio-economic situation to justify the need for donor and government projects
  • Sources of news and trust to them. Analysis of social media

The research results are formed into a final analytical report with conclusions and recommendations in Russian, Kyrgyz or English