Success story: Nail Khaibulin, CEO of "M-Vector"

Success story: Nail Khaibulin, CEO of "M-Vector"

In 2019, Nail Khaibulin, the CEO of "M-Vector", has completed a training under the “Manager Training Programme Kyrgyzstan-Germany”.

The CEO of the company in the video tells in detail about the training, the insights received, and the results of the internship.

Knowledge, gained in Germany, helped to improve our company's performance:

  • company's staff increased by 20%
  • we expanded the customer base
  • we increased our financial profit by 15%
  • labor efficiency increased by 30%
  • we saved up to € 70,000

Considering the pace at which technologies are developing today, it is impossible to talk about the quality of services without constant development and training. The management staff and specialists of our company are constantly improving their qualifications and working on the quality of services to help our clients make the right decisions based on the data we provide.

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