Plant a tree - save the planet

Plant a tree - save the planet

On Saturday, April 3, the M-Vector team organized a roadside landscaping event in the Asanbay microdistrict along the Southern Highway.

Employees and their families participated in this event. The trees such as field maple and wild apricot were selected for planting as they are resistant to dry conditions and pests. The maple protects the pavement well from dust and road emissions.

The children of the company's employees helped plant the trees. Despite their young age, the “junior team” took up the initiative and actively helped the adults.

Children asked questions, listened with interest to Dmitry, who talked about the rules for planting trees in spring.

We are glad that in addition to improving the environmental situation in the city, we also contributed to the development of environmental education for the younger generation. And our maple alley will turn green next year in the spring.

We are grateful to Dmitry Pereyaslavsky, the coordinator of educational programs of the Archa Initiative PF, for detailed instructions and assistance in planting the trees.

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