M-Vector presented the key to Central Asia to Lithuanian business

M-Vector presented the key to Central Asia to Lithuanian business

«Information: the Key to New Markets and Opportunities» - was the theme of M-Vector's presentation at the Lithuanian-Kyrgyz Business Forum held on June 16 at the «Sheraton Bishkek Hotel». The summit was dedicated to the mission of Lithuanian business to Central Asia. 

The opening of the event was attended by: Ambassador-at-Large of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry Guidas Kerushauskas, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic Marat Sharshekeev, and Director of the Business Councils of the Confederation of Industrialists of Lithuania Remigius Kabechius.

In his speech, the representative of the company M-Vector, marketing director Vitaly Mukhortov shared his observation that information is the main thing that interests the forum participants. That is, data on markets, partners, the presence of mutual interest, and conditions of cooperation. High-quality business information becomes a key factor in determining the success of working in new markets and building partnerships. 

In addition to demonstrating the deep expertise of M-Vector in the field of information collection, processing, and analysis, real projects that served as drivers of customer business development were shown during the presentation. The demonstration of the projects was accompanied by real figures. For example, the First Microfinance Company managed to attract more than 8 thousand customers for its innovative digital service. The creation of such a service was made possible thanks to accurate market information provided by M-Vector.

In turn, Lithuanian businessmen voiced their interests in Kyrgyzstan. This is the purchase of raw materials for industrial chemicals, petroleum products; fish and agricultural products: fish (trout), grains, fertilizers, and feed additives.

During the business presentations, guests from Lithuania demonstrated their capabilities in the following areas: digital accounting and power management systems, organization of sea container transportation, IT technologies, and food.

After the speeches, active negotiations in the B2B format took place between the forum participants and representatives of M-Vector.

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