M-Vector is a member of ESOMAR since 2018

M-Vector is a member of ESOMAR since 2018

Since 2018, M-Vector is a certificated member of ESOMAR (European Society of Marketing Research Professionals).
ESOMAR is a leading global research association founded in 1947. The Association brings together researches, marketing specialists, analysts, advisers, scientific and other professionals from over 130 countries. Being a member of the Association implies following stringent requirements, and, at the same time,  provides members with great development opportunities and increases their competitive advantages.

Consisting of over 6,000 individuals and 550 corporate members, the Association is regulated by a Code adopted jointly by the Association and ICC (International Chamber of Commerce). ICC/ESOMAR Code serves as the main marketing research standard, which promotes high ethical and professional principles of implementing research projects. Membership in ESOMAR and observance of the Code is a guarantee of high quality of research.
ESOMAR membership provides: 

  • opportunity of professional communications with all members of the community for knowledge and experience exchange;
  • access to the archive consisting of over 10,000 world research projects;
  • expert assistance on professional matters, including legal and ethical issues.

Advantages for our customers and partners:
Membership in ESOMAR and observance of all applicable requirements and standards guarantee the highest possible quality of projects at any stage. Projects comply with all international principles and allow customers to achieve their targets.
M-Vector guarantees:

  • compliance with high research ethical standards;
  • transparency of research projects;
  • observance of legal requirements.

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