M-Vector continues to work under quarantine

M-Vector continues to work under quarantine

We continue to work remotely from home. After switching to remote work, we updated our software and adjusted remote communications system as efficiently as possible to conduct research.

During the period of quarantine we provide the following services for you:

  •  Conducting telephone surveys
  •  Conducting online surveys
  •  Online in-depth interviews
  •  Online focus groups
  •  Desk research
  •  Methodology development
  •  Data analysis and preparation of reports with conclusions and recommendations
  •  Business consulting

All types of surveys are currently carried out by our employees from home. At the same time, all types of control are saved - audio recording, listening, quota control (gender, age, region), error analysis is provided in the standard mode. All procedures are followed, only the location of employees and interviewers has changed. This allows us to ensure health maintenance of our specialists and deliver commitments made to our customers and partners.

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You can contact us by:

  •  +996 555 770 980
  •  +996 558 152 515
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