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CENTRAL ASIA BAROMETER: 96% of Tajikistan population think they live happy life.

Tajikistan, one of the poorest Central Asian countries, shows today rising optimism and confidence in the future despite many economic and social problems that it faces.

These sentiments were revealed during recent wave of public opinion survey, carried out in the country by CENTRAL ASIA BAROMETER GROUP.

The research covered a wide range of subjects, such as well-being of the population, economic expectations, quality of the government services, political activity, immigration sentiments, attitude to world powers, role of religion, media consumption, use of Internet and many more.

The survey was conducted over the phone from May 20 to June 3 2013. Sample totaled 1,008 people aged 18 years and older, residing in all major cities and regions across the country. Margin of error is 3.1% with confidence level of 95%.


The results show a spectrum of opinions and perceptions of Tajikistan people on different issues:

  • Country population is confident about positive changes in the country. 89% believe that economic situation in Tajikistan improved over the past year.
  • 76% of the population expect that their well-being will take a turn for the better over the next year.
  • Russia is viewed as the most important partner of Tajikistan (39%), followed by China and Iran (13% and 10% respectively).
  • Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and the U.S.A. are considered by the population as the three biggest threats to the country (24%, 22% and 7% respectively).
  • Existing model of secular state is supported by 60% of the population, which believe the religion should not play any role in the state policy.
  • Majority of the population is aware of the presidential elections in Tajikistan, scheduled for November this year. 94% of respondents report that they are going to take part in it, with more than a half of those already knowing whom they will vote for.
  • 74% of the population support increase of number of women, taking executive positions in government institutions and businesses – an illustration of the fact that Tajikistan women are taking on more active role in the country.

Central Asia Barometer

Central Asia Barometer Group is an independent non-profit foundation, located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The organization is engaged in public opinion polling and surveys across the region to measure economic, social and political “atmosphere” in Central Asia.


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