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Conducting researches since 1996 and knowing their importance for successful organization development, M-Vector Research and Consulting Company offers a wide range of research services in the following areas:

The cost of our research services depends on different factors defined by the research tasks and used methods.

Applying various methods, the Company specialists may develop a research program almost for any budget. Thus, we may conduct a research at acceptable for the Client price.

Methods We Use

Following the principle of individual approach to each research project, we find the most optimal solutions to the tasks set by our Clients.

Depending on research aims and tasks, the Company specialists use the following methods of data collection:

Methods of qualitative research:

  • Focus-groups (of any complexity)
  •  Expert/in-depth interview

Methods of quantitative research:

  • Audit (retail, household)
  • Desk study
  • Personal interview
  • Observations
  • Panels
  • Telephone surveys
  • Experiments



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