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Conducting researches since 1996 and knowing their importance for successful organization development, M-Vector Consulting Agency offers a wide range of research services in the following areas:

Following the principle of individual approach to each research project, we find only most optimal solutions to the tasks set by our Clients.


Today Business Consulting services providing by M-Vector Consulting Agency include:

Experience and professional skills of our consultants closely cooperating with clients are aimed at fundamental analysis of the existed data and making decisions and strategies, which allow our clients use their own resources in full volume, direct the strong qualities at growth and progress in achieving competitive advantages and assigned tasks.  


We offer complex of business trainings, master-classes (groups, corporative) of various orientation and themes that are well combined with coaching and information support according to your needs, wishes and expectations.

We train in the following areas 

Our training is innovative combination of consulting services, training programs and coaching support.