What we offer


What we offer

Market research

  • Analysis of goods and services markets
  • Customer segmentation
  • Usage & Attitude Customer satisfaction
  • Pricing strategy and elasticity
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Brand health research
  • Image of existing brands and trademarks
  • Customer satisfaction rating
  • Testing of products / packaging / design
  • Testing of advertising campaigns
  • Media research

Sociological research

  • M&E (Мonitoring and evaluation) Analysis of living standards in cities and regions
  • Study of social moods and well-being of the population
  • Identification and analysis of actual problems for the population
  • Studies of the level of satisfaction with life
  • Social impact assessments Evaluation of the results of donor assistance

Political research

  • Electoral surveys
  • Testing of channels of information promotion and rating of media
  • Ratings of political candidates and political parties
  • Testing of materials of election campaigns
  • Exit Polls
  • Study of confidence of the population to the state authorities

Media Research

  • Our one-of-a-kind project in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Conducted annually from 2011 with a Face-to-Face survey, sample size from 2000 to 3500 respondents.
  • The study determines parameters such as average daily / weekly audience (Daily Reach / Weekly Reach), Share, Raitings, demographic profile of the audience of TV channels and radio stations are determined.
  • The main value of the Media Research is to assist the development of the media market in Kyrgyzstan by providing accurate and up-to-date data.