M-Vector represents Kyrgyzstan at the Gallup International Association

M-Vector represents Kyrgyzstan at the Gallup International Association

M-Vector became a member of the established Gallup International Association (GIA). Each country has a single representative in the organization. 

What is the Gallup International Association?

  • Gallup International Association was founded in May 1947 on the initiative of George Gallup.
  • GIA is the oldest and most prominent global polling organization, whose founders later established other  key professional bodies of the market and opinion research industry: ESOMAR, WAPOR and AAPOR.
  •  Currently, the Association through its members, associates and partners covers more than 60 countries on all continents and about 80% of the global population.
  • In order to become a member, interested organizations must either acquire invitation from GIA’s Governing Council or to receive endorsement from existing associate. 

The role of George Gallup

George Gallup  was a prominent american researcher,journalist. statistician. Gallup pioneered survey-sampling techniques, which is being used to measuring public opinion. Due to his efforts, public opinion polls and market research have transformed from a scientific and applied field to a global industry, and sociological and marketing research have become an essential component of politics, social relations, and modern business infrastructure.


Gallop and other co-founders had decided to establish GIA after WW2, inspired by their belief that international public opinion surveys would encourage nations to understand each other better, and  by doing so would help prevent a global conflict. They perceived the polls as an instrument of democratic governance.

As George Gallup expressed it: ‘If democracy is supposed to be based on the will of the people, then somebody should go out and find out what that will is.’

George Gallup became the first president of the GIA and remained as such until his death in 1984.

Why GIA?

  • GIA members work together to share knowledge, new research tools and to provide the most appropriate solutions  for international research projects and  to serve their clients to the best of their abilities.  The association’s combined experience and immense competence, includes following areas: public opinion polls, Third World problems, advertising and media research, IT/ telecommunications, healthcare, retail, economics, corporate research and more.
  • GIA members have a priority right to participate in research projects conducted by other members in their respective countries. GIA members are provided with information on tenders and research conducted around the world.
  • Participation in “Voice of the people”. For the first time, Kyrgyzstan will take part in the well-known independent international poll of GIA. Results of the research serve as a basis for authoritative international ratings and country indices on social moods, economic behavior and culture. All members of GIA conduct this study on a pro bono basis, and its results are openly available.
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