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Vector Rosta:

Vector Rosta

Vector Rosta is an e-magazine, a special project of M-Vector Consulting Agency to develop infomedia for business.

On account of our business specific our services are useful both for commercial, and to the noncommercial organizations. To make our services is even more effective, we offer you to subscribe for monthly direct mail of our electronic magazine "Vector Rosta", each number contains new offers, recommendations about the organization and carrying out of the marketing and social researches, interesting articles from various sources and many other things.

The magazine includes some items devoted to marketing and sales, HR management, self-promotion and effective communications. In each edition we offer the chapter from the book of known figures in marketing and management sphere; opinions and experience of carrying out of researches, and the special offer developed by our experts for various sectors of economy also.

The magazine is sent free of charge for all comers by direct mailing. If you are interested in marketing or social researches in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, in consulting and training in the field of marketing and management also, we are ready to share our knowledge with you. We hope that our magazine will be interesting to all subscribers. But if "Vector Rosta" does not live up your expectations, you may unsubscribe any time.

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Harvard Business Review:

Harvard Business Review

"Harvard Business Review" is an outstanding and authoritative Management edition, established by Harvard Business School in 1922. It is the most influential magazine on Management subject, which have been acquainting the reader with ideas and effective management technologies for about 80 years. There are famous “management guru” among authors of magazine: Clayton Christensen, Pitter Druker, Michel Potter, Gary Hamel, K.K. Prahalad, Robert Kaplan and many others.

Russian version of magazine - "Harvard Business Review - Russia" is based on the best materials of original version of HBR and uses information and examples of Russian companies, experts and business leaders in description of management practice.

"Harvard Business Review - Russia" cater for professional auditory – Top managers and owners of companies. You will find useful information for business development and promotion: ideas and effective management technologies, concepts and strategic solutions in all business spheres, analysis of specific business situation, the pros and cons of leadership, issues of corporate strategy.

M-Vector Consulting Agency is the exclusive distributor of magazine "Harvard Business Review - Russia" in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. You may take out a subscription for print or e-mail version of popular business magazine. "Harvard Business Review - Russia" - is the best business notion, available in CIS practice, new approach, expert opinion and the key to success of your business!